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The name of the band is Alpine Those Myriads and the people involved are head honcho Gypus Chelofan and electronic mastermind Addo Tesla. We´re based in Oslo, Norway and we play music that we like to call kaleidoscopic music for the open-minded. We´re known for our Avant-garde expeditions, our tragedy & humor, our hefty contrasts and the odd dash of singable melodies.

Gypus wish and intention is to keep the band as wide open as possible, letting the power of creativity take things wherever they may go and along the way bump into ways of portraying art that are truly different and unique. We´re all about operating in strange and exotic realms rather than being limited by conventions and expectations. We take pleasure in challenging ourselves and steer our ship, intentionally, towards the stormy sea. You can think of Alpine Those Myriads as a wave, it´s a recognisable wave, but its motion will always carry new life and be different every time it hits the shore.

Our concerts can be described as an emotionally charged event that´ll fondle, challenge, entertain and stir your senses. We´re a band that goes out on a limb and we cherish the strong response we tend to get from the audience because of this. We like to use inspiration from performance art on stage as we feel it paints a nice layer for people to chew on and we further think it suits our songs well. We also like to take chances in our concerts. Whether it is big contrasts, unusual song sequences, improvisation or re-arrangements we always strive to give our audience an interesting and rich evening.

We released our first recording in 2002 and have since then put out seven releases to this date. The EP “Top syd turvye”, released the 30th of October 2014, is our latest creation and we´re currently keeping our antennas on full alert for capturing what will be our next piece.

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Gypus Chelofan

Vocal, synth, sampler & drum machine.

Addo Tesla

Church organ, computer, Kyma & acoustic laptop.


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ATM biography

The name of the band is Alpine Those Myriads and we´re based in Oslo, Norway. We make and play music that we like to call kaleidoscopic music for the open-minded. More about us››