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A comedy buff

25th of February 2015 | share on Twitter or Facebook

I love to laugh! I cherish the glowing energy that shoots throughout my body and orchestrates itself into a joyous giggle or a thunderous laugh. I´m hooked on laughing, it´s a form of drug I guess - a life prolonging drug I´ve been told. I´m a huge comedy buff and consume most of it with a big appetite. I also have this peculiar thing with rewinding back the joke I´m listening to or watching so I can laugh more…irritating for most, double or quadruple the fun for me - like an addict stuck in a joyous cycle.

I don´t think I´ve specifically blogged about comedy before, but it is a very important part of me as a person and Alpine Those Myriads. The comedy of the band was probably more noticeable in our early years, but humor is still to be found on the latest records and at our concerts. Tragedy and comedy are closely linked as you may know. I´ve thought about bringing a more upfront scent of comedy to the band, but throughout the years I´ve developed such a huge respect for the craft and I´m thinking it may be better to leave it to the professionals.

Speaking of professionals…I´d like to share a few of the comedians that are making me laugh and think nowadays.

Norm Macdonald
The glimmer in his eye when he delivers jokes is priceless. There´s an energy about him that´s wonderfully unpredictable.

Bill Burr
Incredibly funny stand-up comedian. Brutally honest and daringly edgy. His way of looking at things is quite special and hilarious.

Marc Maron
I love the tragedy and the self-depreciation in his comedy. Strange things to love, but he makes a very funny soup out of it.

Ricky Gervais
Always on the edge and a connoisseur of funny awkwardness. You should watch his series “Derek”, brilliantly funny and sad.

I´ll definitely share more funny people in another post. Is there any comedians that you´re fond of? Would be great to hear who makes you laugh! Please respond on our Facebook or Twitter.

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