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A tangible edition of our new EP

15th of January 2015 | share on Twitter or Facebook

I´d like to shed some light on a possible vinyl edition of the new EP “Top syd turvye” since a few people have asked.

My original plan was to release it on a 12 inch vinyl alongside the digital edition. I tried to save up for the vinyl manufacturing whilst making the EP, but in the end my savings had to go to the waltz that we call living. I really want to press it on vinyl because i´m very satisfied with it and I think the music will sound good on the format, but it ain´t going to happen in a while I think. I´m currently making a new album and I definitely want that on a 12 inch or two, so the dinero that I can manage to save have to go towards this 4th album.

Some people have also expressed that they want to wait for the vinyl edition of “Top syd turvye” before getting it. Well, it might be a digital record forever…if it´ll make it onto vinyl it will be “upgraded” and I´ll make sure that it´ll be worth having both. Think bonus tracks, new remixes, redone artwork & more of it etc.

PS. I look forwards to the rest of 2015! It´ll be a year of metamorphosis…

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