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2nd of July 2016 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Well, alright and goodnight - let the lactating commence! Can it get more surreal and nonsensical than that? You bet! Let us, for now, clean up and invite you into our little write up…

Last week we played Landmark in Bergen, Norway and we had an utterly brilliant time! We arrived in the early morning hours, so we had plenty of time to explore the charming Bergen. We did a whole lot of strolling, we ate splendid food, took a long´n sweet dip in the hotel bathtub and peeked at the beautiful architecture that the city has on display - excellent it was! Our gig at the wonderful Landmark in the evening was equally great. The space wasn´t jam packed, but the audience who was there were top notch and more than ready for some Alpine Those Myriads heat - thank you! We hope to be back in Bergen soon.

We took some images of our trip which you can find on our Instagram page. Also want to point the fine people who live in Bergen to the record store Apollon who now stocks our latest LP “Psyche”.

We´re taking a break from concerts for a while to fully focus on the record we´re making. The only concert confirmed is at the festival Høstpunkt in Skien. It´ll be a solo set from Gypus Chelofan which he´s currently preparing…some brand new songs and some old songs done in a new way. The festival runs from 21-24 September and we´re not sure which day Gypus will play…we´ll keep you up to date.

So, back to the monstrous monstrosity of an album that we´re trying to wrap our heads around… Have a nice Summer dear friends! Speak to you soon.

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