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16th of December 2010 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Hi there sweet darlings of the divine ATM squadron! We hope that you’re feeling fine in these pre Xmas times. We’ve got a couple of things that we’d like to share with you…

First, Gypus is currently collaborating on an exciting project that will be released in the first half of 2011. It’s going to be an electronic-laden-blood-fest and we’ll keep you updated with more details on this soon. Mr.Chelofan will also do a live appearance with this project when the new year arrives. “Gypus playing concerts again you say?”. Yep!

Second, Alpine Those Myriads will do their first concert, since we don’t know when, in January 2011. The concert will be held in Oslo and we’ll be announcing the time/place before Xmas. We’re tremendously excited by this and we know that Gypus is anxiously awaiting the day when he once again can fill the audience with his roller-coasting delight!

Au revoir and we’ll see you soon…

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ATM biography

The name of the band is Alpine Those Myriads and we´re based in Oslo, Norway. We make and play music that we like to call kaleidoscopic music for the open-minded. More about us››