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Day four of recording our third album

20th of September 2011 | share on Twitter or Facebook

atm3rd - diary day 3 - The Marble King Ms. Fall is manifesting herself and our creative juices is boiling. Fall always gets our abstract kingdom bubbling with wonderful stuff…

It´s all about the electric guitar these days. The Marble King is in the building with his axe and he’s laying down some sweet things on that tape. It´s a joy working together with Mr. Marbles and Gypus is ecstatic to have his mighty fingers contributing to the world of Alpine those myriads! We believe and hope that this third album will be very different from what we´ve previously done and we further think that it has a lot to do with The Marble King being featured in a big way - Thundering glam salutes and cryptic blues! More photos of the man here…

We´ve recorded guitars on six songs, but we´ve got another two to go before Gypus enters the drum booth. We´re not to keen on telling you about the titles of the songs yet, but there´s one that we can reveal that we´ve been playing live lately - It´s called “Hell is in this well”. It’s a song about mental disintegration and a concluding insight. Not a light subject, but it´s penned by Mr. Chelofan and he often rolls around in the mud of the mind…

There´s this 10 minute song, mentioned in an earlier post, that we´re having problems with and we´re afraid that Gypus looses faith in getting it recorded the way he wants. It´s not a typical structured song - it´s more like a long snaky road that has to be constructed right or else it´ll just loose its way and not make sense. It´ll be the most personal song on the album and we pray that Gypus will get it right.

So that concludes it for now. Hopefully next time we´ll be chiming in from the drum booth. Stay hungry and be courageous!

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