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Day seven of recording our third album

29th of February 2012 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Atm3rd  diary day 7  gypus1 A lot of hefty vibrato, a couple of harrowing screams and some delightful ooh´s & aah´s has been put into that microphone. Gypus has been singing and we´ve listened with joy as he´s crooned his way through the upcoming album.

His heart exploded into that microphone like a dazzling volcano and all the corners of said heart are now securely printed on tape. He´s satisfied with the results and we´re very pleased with the range of vocal approaches that the record will contain. We´ve noticed that there´ll be a lot of pain throughout this record, it´ll travel other emotions also mind you, but judging from the vocals there´ll be a big combo-platter of subterranean pain. We hope it´ll translate well to the listener and we also hope that people can handle our heavy handed ways - we most certainly know our dear fans will soak it in ´cause their complex and beautiful beings you see.

We did the recording in a small and tight washing room. Not a very glamorous and atmospheric place to sing perhaps, but in our experience one “shuts”of the eyes and “forgets” the surroundings when loosing oneself in that music. We somehow feel that our minds are pre filled with imagery and enough inspiration when we´re ready for the tape. Maybe we´re fooling ourselves though. Smell on the other hand may be more of a problem, but since we recorded in a washing room the scent was fine and peachy.

We had plans to shoot a video of Gypus singing, but we don´t have the equipment for it right now. Sorry about that! Hopefully we can afford it someday. We do however have nice pictures from the sessions though.

So this marks the end of recording our third album, but it´s not the end of our diaries. We´ll keep on writing through the mixing process and also through the making of the cover art. We´ll make something cool with all these diaries when the album is finished.

Next up is “Day one of mixing our third album”.

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