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Diary four - The sound for our third EP

1st of May 2014 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Plugins en masse

Boys & girls. K9’s & felines. This is the last diary about the journey to our third EP. It’s been a serious amount of work to get to this point and I feel very tired, almost drained in a way. I need to take a couple of slow and quiet days to get my vigor back to its somewhat glory. My bandmates haven’t heard the finished mixes yet and i’m eager to hear what they think of the madness i’ve dialed in. I´m also looking forwards to perfect the last little bits after getting some external input.

So, it was a good round of unadulterated fun to mix this EP. I always look forwards to the mixing stage when a new piece of music has been recorded. I love to crystalize and blow up the different emotional moments, discovering things by tweaking the “wrong” parameter and to embellish that movement within a song amongst other things. There was a lot to chew on and the range, both musically and emotionally, on the EP is huge - it seems that I like to make things rather difficult for myself. A thing that struck me while mixing was that many of my songs, especially on this EP, have three or more mixes within the same song. You first have to nail the right mood and sound for these separate stages and then create some sorts of relationship between them. It´s conceptually challenging and perhaps more work than normal, but it´s exciting and rewarding to be able to connect the dots so they flow and move forwards.

A goal for me with this mix was to not get lost in the minuscule technical details of every single element that might not matter in the big picture. I wanted to focus much more on the emotions, make things live and to get an overall engaging mix. I also wanted to concentrate more on the bass register since it´s an aspect I struggle with. It´s difficult to know when there´s too little, too much, if it´s boomy and the definition of it. I feel that this EP has a little more behind to it and it´s hopefully a bit more focused as well. Did I just say a focused behind…what´s that?

We´ve never included any remixes on our releases and I don´t think we´ve been remixed by someone either. For this EP there´ll be remixes of all the songs if everything pans out! It just felt right this time and i’ve thankfully gotten some really great individuals that have said yes. I can’t wait to hear what they make out of my kooky music!

So, our EP is more or less finished! It´s been a hell of a ride despite it being “just” an EP and i´m really looking forwards to sending it into your ears. It´ll be a while before we release it, ´cause of the remixes and such, but i´ll make sure to give you more tidbits along the way.

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