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Diary one of mixing our 3rd album

6th of April 2012 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Just a tad louder? Is it to wide? Should it hide in the back for a while and then come charging like a raging bull with a concluding boom? Maybe I can chop it up, make it shiver and then let it scream? We´re knee deep in shaping the sound of our next album and here´s a field report from our mixing sessions.

It´s a true joy to be at the stage where we can tune our songs into their full glory. We´re solely in charge of mixing this time ´round, it´s a hefty challenge and kind of nerve-wrecking, but it´s pure fun. As mentioned earlier in a diary we see the mixing phase as the last chain in the songwriting process. We really try to have zero respect of the recorded song at hand to see if we can bend it into even greater heights. We´re aiming for something quite unique with this record and we hope to achieve a sound that´s rich, colorful and different. We may end up with a big wash of schmaltz - let´s hope we can walk that tightrope…knock on wood! We´re of course also tuning those itsy bitsy frequencies and once in a while we feel like completely loony bins when listening to a tiny section over and over again to see if we can find that offending frequency - strange moments in time that is often followed by a reality check and a big laugh.

We have four songs left to mix before taking a wee break and then we´ll come back to perfect that sucker. Soon after that it travels to a mastering engineer who´ll exercise his voodoo.

That´s it for now. We´ll leave you with a neat flying woodblock that´ll be a part of the album.

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