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Diary one - Schlagzeug for our third EP

13th of March 2014 | share on Twitter or Facebook

It´s time for another recording diary - hurrah! This time it´s for our new EP that we´ll release after this Summer. My plan was to get it out in May, but things have multiplied and i’m also working on something cool that i´d like to unleash with the EP. It´ll hopefully be worth the wait.

So, I started out with backing-tracks and the drums for this record. I recorded them in a pretty small bathroom as I wanted a tight and small ambience. Most of the drums were recorded separately, meaning not the whole kit at once, ´cause I don´t have enough microphones - you gotta work with what you have.

Alpine Those Myriads snare recording

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I really wanted the sound of mallets for a song, but I couldn´t afford to buy a pair in time for the recording. I tried to make a pair, but I soon found out that it was difficult. I got a little desperate there for a while since i´ve had the sound of mallets in my head for quite some time. So, working with what I had I tried to do a take with my hands - it was perfect. The hand-playing gelled wonderfully with the double-bass on the song. I´m somewhat glad I couldn´t afford those mallets.

I also recorded the congas and bongos and I believe it´s the first time we´ve included Latin percussion on a track. It was perfect for the song in question and here´s a video of me playing a passage.

Many of the songs on the EP will be a mix of acoustic & electronic drums/percussion. I hope that it´ll lead to an interesting sound and I´m looking forwards to marrying them, or not, in the mixing process.

Next diary up is with Mr. Marble King who´ll strike that secret chord and bend the guitar into brilliance.

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