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Diary three - Voices for our third EP

18th of April 2014 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Alpine Those Myriads Third EP recording Vocal blog

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Diary three is all about that voice and holy mother of otherworldly geese — the vocals for this EP were some of the most challenging stuff i´ve ever done! My previous songs on “Psyche” were also full of its own challenges, but these new songs were on a whole other level. The abrupt changes in attitude, intensity and dynamics were especially hard to navigate and capture right. Imagine going from a part with a pretty huge tonal range that has to flow gracefully and sound relaxed, straight into a section jam-packed with anguish, extreme energy and a little bit of insanity thrown in for good measure. It was a challenge to find that perfect intensity level for each emotional wave and to shift to them quickly with a somewhat natural flow. Fun, but very hard.

My plan was that the lyrics for this record would go in a more surrealistic and not so obvious personal direction, but I “failed” and have written lyrics that are more personal than ever. There´s a continuous story that develops throughout the EP and I thought it would be nice to try that out since i´ve never done it before. The lyrics are about a mind shattering event in my life and it was hard for me to revisit the emotions, but it had to be done properly if I was ever going to do it. At some point in the recording everything became bleak and hostile as I was tapping into the past. It didn´t help that my Wegener was starting to rear its ugly head as well and I started to have doubts if I was able to go on with the recording. Thankfully my granulomatosis didn´t kick into full on mayhem and after a good night´s sleep the onsetting darkness set sail.

On a song called “Croon into the light” I wanted to try out some, in lack of a better word, exotic singing. I didn´t know exactly what kind of singing I was looking for, so I just opened my mouth and let it rip. It soon became evident to me that what I was singing was inspired by the Tanzanian musician Hukwe Zawose which I absolutely love. What surprised me was how high I could go with my voice. It felt weird ´cause I didn´t think I could go that high. I´m thankful for what came through and the rush that followed. Another peculiar thing was the words I improvised. I thought they were gibberish, but i´ve learned that they actually mean something — spooky. I´m sure it sounds nothing like Mr. Zawose to you and it´s of course lightyears away from his brilliancy, but i´m looking forwards to your reaction. I´m uncertain if I can reproduce the singing in concert though, but i´ll definitely give it a go.

I´m happy with how the vocals have turned out! The vocals are multifarious which´ll hopefully lead to an exciting journey. This EP needed some “hairy” vocals and here´s me doing just that.

This marks the end of the recording diaries for this record. I´m almost finished mixing the EP and i´ll be doing a little diary about that with some sound snippets. Happy holidays!

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