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Diary two - Guitars for our third EP

27th of March 2014 | share on Twitter or Facebook

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After the drums were in the can it was time to lay down some sweet guitar. The Marble King and his Gibson 335 came well prepared and it was a true pleasure to record his parts. There was a lot for Mr. Marbles to chew on; an eclectic mix of genres and attitudes in true schizophrenic Alpine Those Myriads style, huge dynamical changes and chords from another planet. I was nervous for the complexity of it all, but Mr. Marbles tackled the adventures with masterful skill. He even brought out his Glam-Rock chops on a section - we love the Glam-Rock(the 70s kind)!

The recording was a pretty smooth sail, but there was a certain song that seemed physically impossible to do on the guitar. We pondered the idea of combining three parts into one, but we decided that it was a cop out and it also wouldn´t work in a live situation. After some experimentation, the good old headbutting and with The King´s brilliancy we found a way. The result was finger settings and movements that were quite spasmodic and extraordinary. It looked funny in a way and I amused myself by dubbing this style of playing “Kung-fu guitar” between the different takes.

Here´s a video of him playing a section from a jazzed out song. We often referred to this song as opium jazz. Don´t know why, it may be the distant feeling in it or it may well be that we´re two chaps that like to laugh. Nevermind, here´s the video:

The lyrics that you hear in the video is not the lyrics that´ll be on the EP. They´re way sadder.

Next diary will be about the bass or the vocals. I´m unsure if i´ll write about the bass since Addo Tesla recorded it himself, but the important thing is that the bass tracks sound stellar. There´s even an upright bass for this EP. Yay!

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