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Diary two of mixing our 3rd album

28th of June 2012 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Oh, sweet mother of mothers…we’re alive and we’re done mixing! We probably could’ve written a couple more mixing diaries, because we haven’t written a diary since April, but our excuse is simply time. We’ll try to combine our thoughts in this last diary about making our third album.

We feel that we´ve learnt so much by taking care of this mix ourselves. It´s been mighty challenging, but great fun! It probably would´ve went faster if we delivered the record to a seasoned pro, but we needed and wanted to take on the big task of mixing a whole record. We´ve tried to be really creative with the sound and we´ve deliberately searched for different ways of doing things throughout the record. We wanted the overall sound to reflect our, perhaps, untraditional way of writing songs and we also wanted to paint our new songs with something different than what we’ve done before. The album’s sound is quite cinematic and it’s wider and deeper than our previous records. We’re very satisfied with the result and we can’t wait to show it to you this Fall!

We sent the album to a Chicagoan mastering engineer called Carl Saff last week and we’re excited to hear the magic dust he’ll sprinkle. The record’s cover-art is also in the works and the very talented illustrator Kristina Aakre is responsible for illustrating 12 inches of beauty. 12 inches you say? Yes, that’s right! This album will be pressed on vinyl and we’re mighty ecstatic about that! Hope you are too. It´ll be quite nerve-wrecking to drop the stylus on that vinyl and we hope the production turns out good. Finger crossed!

We feel that we’ve grown as a band by recording and mixing the whole shebang ourselves and we know that this experience will help us in the years to come. If you´re in Oslo the 7th of July we hope you´ll come and check us out at Café Mir. We´ll play three songs from our upcoming album this night. Until then, have a splendid Summer!

PS. We´ve just received the master of our mix and Mr. Saff has done a beautiful job! Just a few minor tweaks and this baby is in the can. Hooray!

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