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Dynamics are the new loud

1st of October 2014 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Mind the Mindbend - Waveform That´s the waveform of “Mind the mindbend” from our new EP with its gigantic dynamics! Is that an euphemism?

Writing about the loudness and dynamics of a piece of music may be a bit geekish, but I think it deserves a post since our upcoming EP is quite unusual when it comes to changes in volume.

Before sending music to our mastering engineer I make a list of the things I want him to pay attention to. The most important thing this time around was keeping the EP’s huge dynamics and to further accentuate them if possible. I was quite surprised when I got the master back, `cause he´d managed to make the dynamics even more dramatic! I must confess that I was unsure for a couple of seconds, because more contrasts in volume means an overall quieter record in our case. My doubts went flying pretty fast though, as I let the dynamics explode into the room, leaving a big juicy grin on my face. It really is exhilarating and refreshing to hear and feel the effect of volume jumping up´n down throughout a song! Pronounced changes in dynamics can intensify the emotion in a song and, oh boy, it´s certainly the case for our EP.

Most music today doesn´t have much dynamics. It´s a shame as I feel that us music lovers are being handed an experience that could´ve been more intense and engaging. One of the guilty players in flatlining music is the radio. “Mind the mindbend” from our forthcoming EP was recently played on the splendid Norwegian radio show Harald Are Lund. I was proud and excited to hear the song on the radio, but got disappointed about the sound. The processing that the show had on the broadcast didn´t cope with the dynamics of the song at all, leaving the listener with a crippled version.

The debate about dynamics and loudness in music is a never ending discussion…let´s instead celebrate the delightful and dramatic volume changes found on our EP “Top syd turvye” that´ll be available in just 30 days - hurrah!

You can get the song that´s pictured above right now if you´d like. Go get it here››

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