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First details about our 3rd album

22nd of August 2012 | share on Twitter or Facebook

There is something kicking in the womb and that special something is our 3rd album which we´ve been pregnant with for two years! It´s nearly fully manifested and pretty soon we´ll be able to hold it in our hands - you can´t fathom how excited we are with this! Now…enough with those silly baby metaphors!

So without further ado…drum-roll…our 3rd album is called “Psyche”. Short and sweet, but a title we feel captures the songs on the album. We were kind off nervous about such a short title, since we´re pretentious clowns you see, but we felt the time was right for a compact and no-nonsense title.

For this record we´ve adopted the old understanding of the word psyche which included the spiritual as well as the concious and the unconcious. So, psyche, in our case means the mind and the spiritual. The psyche is a magical force that shapes and holds our life and our new record is an expedition deep into that force. We´ll stop there, since we´d like to have some more beans to spill, but you should know that “Psyche” is a highly personal and emotional extravaganza that we´re looking forwards to be sharing with you.

We wish we could release it this month, but sadly these things take time - argh! We hope you´ll stay with us and keep up that interest, ´cause on Sunday the 18th of November we´re releasing our “Psyche” at Café Mono in Oslo. We hope you´ll come to this show and if you do, you´ll find us sporting the biggest of smiles and giving you a hell of a performance - 100% bonafied passion!

We´ll present more details soon and we can´t wait to put up a song so you can have a listen…and please hit the “Tweet it” and/or “Share on Facebook” buttons at the top of this post to share with the world. Thanks!

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