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28th of August 2013 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Waltzzz original tape

There´s been this song that´s collected dust in our drawer for a long time…since 2001 to be specific! We´re not much into reminiscing, but this song has always had a special place in our hearts and we thought that it was time to let it loose.

It´s the first ever recording Gypus Chelofan did for Alpine Those Myriads, so it´s safe to say that it has sentimental value to us. He recorded it in a concert hall down South here in Norway with a single microphone and a 8 track tape recorder that he had lent (see the song´s original tape in the picture). The concert hall was chock full of instruments and Chelofan remembers it like being an euphoric baby in a toy store. It´s an acoustic number with a Cabaret/Circus kind of feel and it features two pianos, marimba, clarinet, timpani, a bird flute, gongs, percussion and an alto saxophone. Gypus played all the instruments except the saxophone that was played by the late great Dennis Otone. The solo he did packs quite an emotional depth and it´s rather beautiful we think - thanks Dennis!

The song was originally called “What tomorrow brings”, but we´ve re-named it to “Waltzzz”. We´ve also re-mixed and mastered it.

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