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“Hell is in this well” original lyrics

3rd of December 2013 | share on Twitter or Facebook

I found the initial lyrics to “Hell is in this well” in my scrapbook the other day and thought it would be an interesting share. The song was originally called “Hello halo?”. I dug the title, still do and may use it for another song down the line, but I scrapped the lyrics ´cause they reminded me of “We hit with God´s hands” and I also felt that they didn´t belong on our latest album. Read, interpret and feel:

Hello halo?
Their dream, our fall

Herd marked
Scheme done
Flexing power
Craving God´s head
Will I transcend?

Mashed-up rituals
Godly wish-wash

I have served
I diserve

Heaven and hell
Give me both

Give me yr ways
Yr mysterious ways

Yr time has come
Thy flame is done

Shuffling lives
Molding my design
Move a head then cut off the next
Give us thy totem

Hello halo?
Their dream, our fall

You can also listen to “Hell is in this well” at Bandcamp and sing a long with the old lyrics if you´d like.

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