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Hi, how are you: A short film

14th of November 2013 | share on Twitter or Facebook

We love and cherish the wonderful man that is Daniel Johnston! It should come as no surprise for those that know our history. We´ve recently learned about a new short film that´s being made by a crew of American filmmakers led by the director Gabriel Sunday. It´ll be called “Hi, how are you” and we think the storyline for the film is really enticing. Here´s a snippet:

“Daniel listens to old cassette tapes. The music on the tape cuts out - suddenly a voice calls to him.

Daniel perks up. It´s the voice of his younger self, a recording from 1983 during the making of his “Hi, how are you” album (when he was on the verge of a mental breakdown). The voice calls out again, older Daniel responds. The world around them fades as Daniel (present) and Daniel (past) sing songs and talk about love and madness. Reality bends as we fall further into the rabbit hole of Daniel´s wild imagination. His comic characters come to life and the image of Daniel´s younger self appears. The film builds to a wild musical number blending live action and animation in a time-warp cocktail of surrealistic psychedelia.”

Fascinating and potentially a classic! The film has been shot, but they´re raising funds at Kickstarter for post-production. We highly recommend that you support this film on Kickstarter and spread the word about it!

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