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Introducing the new band

23rd of September 2015 | share on Twitter or Facebook

We´re a duo again and in 2016 we´ll sometimes be a trio. Sounds confusing? Let me explain…late 2014 I was looking for a new way of expressing Alpine Those Myriads. Earlier this year I met up with guitar extraordinaire The Marble King and told him that I wanted to explore a more electronic sound. I wasn´t sure if the guitar was a key part of the band´s equation anymore and I also felt that Mr. King´s creative potential as a musician and songwriter would suffer from the road ahead. We came to the conclusion that it was best to pursue our separate artistic paths. We´re still the bestest of friends mind you and I´m eagerly awaiting to the hear the magnificent music he´ll produce. He´s a brilliant songwriter you see - lookout boys´n girls!

So as of now, we´re a duo consisting of me (Gypus Chelofan) and Addo Tesla. I sing, play synths, massage a drum machine and mangle a sampler. Tesla plays a church organ, computerises sounds with his notebook and fondles a Tore H. Bøe invention called the acoustic laptop. I would say that the most obvious and significant change in our sound is the church organ. In some ways it´s “the mothership” that binds this new electronic compound together. It definitely plays a key part in most of the songs we´ve rearranged and it´ll most certainly be found on our next record. I feel it´s difficult to fully explain our new sound, it´s evolving as every creative vision should, but the overall feeling of the band is more ritualistic and perhaps exotic. The eclectic use of genres and the pronounced emotional and dynamical contrasts are still present, but the colours that paint the picture have changed. It´s very electronic, but organic and not synthetic if that makes any sense. In the coming months we´ll try to record a taste for you, since sounds speak louder than words sometimes.

We´re going forwards as a duo, but sometimes we´ll appear as a trio when the stars align. There´s a certain non-musician that will perform with us on selected concerts and his first appearance will hopefully take place in February next year. I´m sorry that I can´t be more specific, I´m afraid that I´ll somehow jinx it - I can only blame that kooky superstition that sometimes strikes me. Rest assured, more light will be shared in due time my friends.

Our next gig will be at Oransj in Brevik, Norway the 18th of December. Hope to see you there!

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The name of the band is Alpine Those Myriads and we´re based in Oslo, Norway. We make and play music that we like to call kaleidoscopic music for the open-minded. More about us››