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13th of February 2013 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Our initial thought were to update our former post with these thoughts, but we figured it was better to divide and start fresh.

So, we´ve released our third album and it feels mighty good! We had a blast playing our release concert at Café Mono in Oslo and we want to thank the glorious people who came to celebrate it with us - we love you! Not to favour anyone, because you´re all ecually great in our book, but it was especially nice to see the guys from Strange days ´cause it´s been decades since we last saw them. It was great to debut with our new line-up and we´re looking forwards to play many more concerts!

From celebration to celebration - “Psyche” on vinyl is now available for purchase in our shop! We´re sorry that we couldn´t make it available online on day one, but we needed some extra time to get it properly set up. It´s also available on iTunes and it´ll be ready on Amazon any day. We hope you´ll pick up a copy and spread the good word about it to your friends.

Now, here comes the part where we say some odd shit…we personally feel that “Psyche” needs quite a few spins to get inside its bizarre ways. It can be perceived as complex, feel confusing or be discarded as pompous bile. “Psyche” is not an immediate album, but it is very intimate, candid and highly explosive if you decide to embrace it with your time in this fast moving world. It almost sounds like an unlistenable record now - it isn´t at all. We don´t like to guide your impression of our music in any way, but we felt the need to get a few thoughts off our chest.

Finally, we´d like to thank the people that made this album possible. Thanks to Terje Evensen for recording our drums, thanks to Kristina Aakre for the magnificent work on the album artwork, thanks to Carl Saff for a fine mastering job, thanks to our beloved families and thanks to you that listen!

In closing we´d like to point out that our new website will grow back most of the stuff that were there before. “The vault” will once again live and the “Music” & “Shop” sections will of course be updated with all of our records. Our new site is responsive, nerd talk for that it should look good and function on all your devices, and we hope you enjoy it.

Talk to you soon fellow voyagers and we hope you´ll consider supporting us by fueling our flame…

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The name of the band is Alpine Those Myriads and we´re based in Oslo, Norway. We make and play music that we like to call kaleidoscopic music for the open-minded. More about us››