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Nocturnal warfare - A short poem

27th of August 2009 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Today we´d like to let you in on a short poem called “Nocturnal warfare” that Gypus has recently written.

Nocturnal warfare

Eyelids shut… The reverb is big and the corners of those thoughts are blunted and tortuous. Fingering the mambo-jambo that flies in the darkness and that heart attack. Leaving a grenade in the chest. Launching the body into an echo that violently pepper the black canvas with a plethora of small triangular outlines. Eyelids shut… The triangles and me. Triangles have 3 sharp points. That´s a fact and a human pact! Knowing it. Eyeballing it. Studying it. Sensing it. Being it. Disbelieving it. Bending it. 3 seconds from now…everything is nothing and nothing is everything! 1+2 equals 3. 1+2 equals 3! If you add the number 1 to the number 2 will it then be 3? What are 3? BANG!!!

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