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Our latest album is free for seven days

2nd of May 2011 | share on Twitter or Facebook

It´s loony week here at the ATM camp and that means we´re giving away our latest album in exchange for an e-mail for seven days. Here´s your chance to get a piece of that Alpine Those Myriads pie free of charge and we hope you´ll take a bite ´cause it´s very good. Get it at!

We´re doing this promotion because we think obscurity is our enemy number one. We´ve had some “downtime” when it comes to concerts the past years and we feel that it´s important to build up the ATM kunst kommando again. Our hope is that this promo can raise some of the awareness that were lost and also to introduce our sound to a new listener or two. We´re not a band seeking stardom, but we´re looking for the savvy listener that like his/hers music a little challenging. We know there´s a handful out there.

So, if you´re not acquainted with us yet - go right ahead, download and share if you like what you hear. If you´re a seasoned fan we dearly hope you´ll help us in sharing our sound on the internet and the street. We´ve implemented two sharing buttons, Facebook and Twitter, on the promo page and you can even embed the widget on your blog. You embed by hitting the <share> link on the black email widget and then click “copy embed”.

Again, is the place you want to go to. Seven days and then it ends!

This promo is now closed. Thanks to everyone who signed up!

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ATM biography

The name of the band is Alpine Those Myriads and we´re based in Oslo, Norway. We make and play music that we like to call kaleidoscopic music for the open-minded. More about us››