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Our musical schizophrenia

10th of April 2013 | share on Twitter or Facebook

We promised to write three tidbit posts about our new album - we lied. We feel that interpretation of art in a subjective way is important and more rewarding in the end. We think we shared some pretty interesting and personal insights in our two tidbit posts and we´d like to leave the rest for your imagination. With that said, we´d like to tell you about a thing that we´ve recently been pondering about.

Over the years we´ve read a lot about other band´s philosophy when it comes to their music. It´s nice to get to know the thinking behind the music and sometimes it can be quite surprising, but there´s one recurring subject that we´d like to talk about. Many bands feel that it´s important to slowly develop their music and not stray to far away when it´s time to make a new record. They´re doing this to not alienate fans and to further imprint what they are as a band. There are certainly many degrees of this method and one can easily argue that it´s wise to adopt a tad of this mindset if you want to steadily grow your audience and not shoot yourself in the foot with every release.

So, why are we constantly changing things up? Put simply, it´s how we function as creative beings when we write new material. We´re huge fans and consumers of the arts and we constantly get inspired to chase its wonderful possibilities. When inspiration strikes we run with whatever comes trough and we try to not constrain ourselves with thinking about what might not fit in our universe. If we´re lucky to have made a new piece of music that feels good to us, we don´t care what that music actually is. We also don´t care if that piece of music doesn´t follow any logical structure or common songwriting format. As you may know, we´re also fascinated by combining things that seemingly don´t fit. Imagine that you listen to a Roy Orbison song, followed by some Black Sabbath and then Kraftwerk. Somehow these changes in moods and sounds felt logical to you at the time. We´re then thinking that it would be nice to combine this in a single song - we know there´s a way and it´s an example of what stimulates our passion for creating something.

Some have said that we should´ve changed our band´s name after our first record “Yr Royal Jetlag Gospel” to mark the change in the band. We´re sorry that some of you feel that our band is shifty and hard to define, but the core of our philosophy has always been to not limit ourselves in any way and that is why we haven´t changed our name. Alpine Those Myriads is a lifelong commitment and it´ll be interesting to someday look back at the long and curvy road. We understand that many fans will come and go because of our anarchistic mindset, and we´re probably making our journey somewhat turbulent, but at heart we´re explorers and it´s important for us to push the envelope of the thing we love so dearly.

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