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Our prolonged black rebirth - reborn

5th of May 2015 | share on Twitter or Facebook

It´s time to revisit the past ladies and gentlemen ´cause we have just re-released the EP “Our prolonged black rebirth”! It was originally released in 2006 on CD, but it was never available on the world wide web in digital form…until now. We´re very happy about this and it even includes a new artwork designed by Gypus Chelofan! You can currently get it on this site and at Bandcamp as a high quality digital download. It´ll also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Wimp and more the 31st of May.

“Our prolonged black rebirth” is quite special to us because the circumstances surrounding it were rather unordinary. It was recorded and mixed in 2 different studios with 2 different band line-ups. I, Gypus Chelofan, was deadly ill with an undiagnosed situation at the time and had difficulty with collecting enough strength to actually record the songs. It was the last record that original band-member Elijah Noah wrote music for, “Hymn of praise (For the subtleties and brutalities of lust)”, before leaving the band. In hindsight, it´s a record that was all about metamorphosis.

We hope you´ll check out this important piece in our musical history. It contains some killer songs you see! Next re-releases will be “Yr Royal Jetlag Gospel” and “Death, a skeleton & the holy ingredient” when we´ve sorted out the technical bits for those.

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The name of the band is Alpine Those Myriads and we´re based in Oslo, Norway. We make and play music that we like to call kaleidoscopic music for the open-minded. More about us››