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“Psyche” illustrated and it´s songs

3rd of October 2012 | share on Twitter or Facebook

As you may or may not know we received the vinyl test pressing of our new album “Psyche” earlier this week. You can see a picture of it here and you can also read about how we experienced the whole listening ordeal in the comments on Facebook. Short story, we were nervous as hell and then we weren´t because it sounded great. Phew!

Now we want to show you the front cover for our “Psyche”. It´s made by the talented illustrator Kristina Aakre and we´re very satisfied with how it turned out!

Psyche front cover We´ve mentioned that the album consists of ten songs and here are the titles:

  1. Hail to the fight
  2. Head wounds
  3. Dingy heart
  4. Subessethereal
  5. W.G.
  6. Jeopardous
  7. Hell is in this well
  8. Gabrien Chronic & the Malady Bees
  9. Memorandum to my friends
  10. A demon´s head

On the 18th of October you´ll be able to download a song from it and one month later we´re releasing it. Ta-da and hooray!

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