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Day five of recording our third album

4th of November 2011 | share on Twitter or Facebook

#atm3rd - Diary 5 - drums Drums, drums, drums! Day number 5 was all about nailing those drums. Technically we recorded for two days, but we´re calling it day five whether you like or not. We managed to record all five songs, there´s that number again, that have acoustic drums during this session - can you spell e-f-f-i-c-i-e-n-t!

Gypus was highly nervous about recording the drums again. He hasn´t twirled the sticks for years and he wasn´t sure if he was up for the task. Luckily it didn´t take to long before Mr. Chelofan befriended the schlagzeug again - a pot of coffee and a couple of explicit words was all that it took to bring forth that sweet and holy rhythm. Bliss!

We had the pleasure of recording the drums at an excellent studio and with a very good friend. Our friend Terje, a fellow drummer, helped and inspired Gypus quite a lot during the recording. Thanks kind sir! He´s also a marvelous composer/producer and we recommend that you listen to his latest solo record “Still you. You still here”. We also recommend Terje´s studio for all recording needs. He´s is great to work with, the equipment is top notch and the coffee is strong! More images from day 5 can be found here…

Our third album is rapidly approaching the mixing stage and we´re looking forwards to it like mad babies in a honey pot. We´re a little stressed out about the fact that we need new monitors to get this record finished. Our old monitors are dying and the good ol´ wallet is thinner than ever. Hopefully everything works out and perhaps a boatload of people buys our last album…who knows?

Day 6 will be dedicated to recording the bass and The Marble King will be responsible for the fingering. We can´t wait to set loose our beast of an album!

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