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The artwork for our forthcoming EP

9th of September 2014 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Top syd turvye artwork

Behold the artwork that looks back at you! We´ve been fascinated by eyes for a long time and it felt perfect to have a couple of eyes (or is it just one?) as an illustration for this EP. The upside down eyes is a metaphor for what the EP is about. What is the EP about? We invite you to find out by reading the links to the lyrics below.

This is the track-list with links to the lyrics:

  1. Doublessence (lyrics)
  2. Amen, right now! (lyrics)
  3. Mind the mindbend (lyrics)
  4. Croon into the light (lyrics)

“Top syd turvye” will also include 3 remixes from 3 stellar chaps that we´ll reveal soon…oooh! Insane amounts of hours have been put into this EP and we cannot wait to release it! We sadly have to wait a tiny amount more…but hold on sweet people, hold on tightly, ´cause it´ll be worth the wait!

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ATM biography

The name of the band is Alpine Those Myriads and we´re based in Oslo, Norway. We make and play music that we like to call kaleidoscopic music for the open-minded. More about us››