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The remix that gave birth

14th of November 2014 | share on Twitter or Facebook

Top syd turvye remix artwork

My music has never been remixed, at least to my knowledge, and i´ve never really thought about it until “Top syd turvye”. I guess the whole thing unveiled itself after a correspondence I had with Aerror, one of the remixers, on Twitter. The EP was far from finished at that point and I think I tweeted something about wanting to title a song Goulash. Aerror dug the title and a couple of tweets later he offered to remix that track specifically. I gladly accepted his generous offer and pretty soon my mind was circling around the phenomenon that´s called remixing. I kept on thinking that it would be cool to have a re-imagined version of every song on the EP - letting the songs run through other peoples creative worlds, giving the tracks an alternative dimension and as a whole paint a different “Top syd turvye”. I followed that thought and here we are.

Fredrik Falk

A friend of mine, Stein Berg, was recording a new album for his band Cinema of Spirits last year. Stein kept on preaching to me about his producer Fredrik Falk and urged me to check him out. I did and I was quite amazed by his approach to sound and his musicality. We´ve since played a couple of concerts together and it´s been a true pleasure. He´s a very open minded and talented chap. Please check him out at and his music at


We played a couple of concerts in Stavanger last year and this is were I met Aerror. We´ve since kept in touch through the internet and i´ve been following his magnificent explorations in electronic music. I hope to have a beer with this splendid electronic wizard someday! “Goulash”, as mentioned earlier, was never to be used for this EP, but Aerror has nevertheless remixed the song that could´ve been named “Goulash”. Please check out his net label Futuredraht and listen to him at

Tore Honoré Bøe

I bought a 7-inch vinyl called “Sølvstøy” by Tore Honoré Bøe in early 2000 at a festival here in Oslo, Norway. This was my first encounter with Mr. Bøe and I remember that I was blown away by the wild and menacing energy of that record. What also fascinated me was that much of this fierce energy was being produced by just silver cutlery and eggshells! I´ve since met Tore on a couple of occasions and he´s a lovely gentleman with an inspiring energy. Please check out his music at

Xiu Xiu

I´ve been a fan of Jamie Stewart and his Xiu Xiu from the first record to the latest “Angel guts: Red Classroom”. His music has given me tremendous amounts of listening pleasure throughout the years and it´s been inspiring to follow his musical journey from record to record. Earlier this year I sent an e-mail to Mr. Stewart to thank him for all the great music that´ve touched my heart in so many ways. I also mentioned my remix project and asked if he´d be interested in participating. I didn´t expect to get an e-mail back, but he said that he´d love to do a remix ´cause he knew my band - it made my day. Please check out his music at

I want to take a moment to thank the lovely chaps that´ve made something new out of my kooky muzak. It´s such a trill for me and my heart is glowing a little brighter because of you!

I´m currently preparing the next remix that will be sent out to the people who´ve supported us by buying the EP in our shop. Go get this special edition of our EP in the Alpine Those Myriads bodega. It´s worth it.

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