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Tidbit #1 - The art for our 3rd album

4th of March 2013 | share on Twitter or Facebook

We´d like to share some tidbits about our new album and we´ll start of with some thoughts about the artwork.

We´ve always been deeply involved in the artwork process for our records, but this time we changed things up. Our good friend Tor Edvin Strøm proposed to us that he could make the creation of our artwork a school assignment for his class of thirty illustrators. We took the opportunity and decided to arm the illustrators with our record, take ten steps back and let the end product surprise us. The only specific direction we gave was that we wanted purple as a dominant color. We got approximately 40 illustrations back, there were many superb ones, but there was one that in the end stood out…

We instantly fell in love with the emotional metamorphosis and the wavelike quality of the illustration that now graces our third album. We felt the evolving, rococo and slightly psychedelic motive represented our record and it´s title “Psyche” very well. We also felt that the illustration captured in imagery how our band and our songs can be perceived. As we´ve said before, we feel that Alpine Those Myriads is like an unpredictable, moving and expanding wave.

In closing, we´d like to point out the five masks on the cover. The original painting had masks, but there was no face structure or color. When we saw the masks we instantly thought about Kabuki theater that uses face painting to portray different emotions and phenomenons. The colors chosen might deviate from the Kabuki tradition, but our intention is that they´re representing different aspects of the human psyche.

We like to keep things up for interpretation, so we´ll stop here, but we hope it´s been an interesting read.

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