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Will you review my digital album?

23rd of September 2009 | share on Twitter or Facebook

We´ve sent out many requests to magazines for getting “Trance eloquent wings” reviewed. We often get the response that they can´t give a review because it´s a digital release and they have never done a review of a digital only release before. We don´t get this at all and think it´s kind off stupid. Some thoughts about this from us:

We think it´s odd that reviewers are not acknowledging these digital times that are most certainly here to stay. Almost everybody has a computer these days so that shouldn´t be a problem. We often hear that we must burn a CD copy of our release and send it in for a possible review - a burnt CD copy is not the actual release and doesn´t include the artwork/extras that come packaged with the digital release and therefore a burnt CD won´t give the intended presentation and experience of the actual digital package.

We would think that it´s much more convenient for the reviewer to accept a digital release that he/she can download to the computer and when finished with the review, decide to delete it or let it sit on that computer. When you delete bits and bytes it vanishes, takes no shelf storage and it also helps the environment.

We encourage magazines and reviewers to embrace the digital era. We, Alpine those myriads?, kind off feel that you´ve become old dinosaurs that live in ancient times.

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