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3rd album diary by Alpine Those Myriads


Diary 1

of recording our 3rd album

Day 1 started with a luring curse, but luckily it wasn´t a long one. Mr. Chelofan had forgotten a vital cable for his sound-card and for a while everything looked kind of bleak, but after a thorough search the missing link was found. Phew!

Gypus was quite nervous about the first song for the recording session. It´s a ten minute epos, it´s hard to get its flow right and it´s very personal. After some stopping and starting, the usual “I´ll never get this right” and neurotic tuning of the 3-string nylon guitar - Gypus dived into that magic mood and delivered a perfect 3rd take! By the way, Mr. Chelofan has three lucky numbers and number three is one of them. We´re extremely relieved and happy to get the backbone of this song on tape. It has been developing for 2 years and all that´s left now is dressing it up with a little bit of grand piano and maybe some thundering timpani´s. Fun!

We´ll be eating pancakes with fried bacon and blueberry marmalade, have a beer and laugh as a conclusion to a great 1st day!

Diary 2

of recording our 3rd album

Captain B reporting from inner space…

Lot´s of coffee consumed, a couple of sweet oranges and possibly to many cigarettes as day number 2 arose. First track on the menu went smooth and it´ll probably be the first song on the new album. It´s loud, it´s quiet, it´s doom-laden and bluesy. It´ll hopefully set that sail for the grandeur to come.

Audio recording screenshot
“Here´s proof. We really are recording an album!”

We also recorded our shortest song yet, clocking in at 48 seconds. As a matter of fact, the new album will feature our longest and shortest song to this date. Not very exciting, but special to us.

Our plan was to finish three tracks, but Mr. Chelofan´s sickness were making its usual havoc and rest was needed. Nevertheless, two new stellar songs in the can and a rather nice Mexican dinner to finish our day. We´ve also posted three photos for you to look at. Be sure to check out Chelofan in his moose clown shirt.

Here´s to day 3!

Diary 3

of recording our 3rd album

We haven´t recorded any new audio, but we´ve generated a whole lot of interesting sounds with our favorite soft toys that´ll be included on our third album. Our new darling is the splendid Reaktor ensemble “Scapes” by Twisted tools. It has successfully mangled our sounds into otherworldly timbres and sent our songs into unknown territories — just the way we Alpineans like it.

We´ve spent hours running through our archive of audio samples and carefully picked out sounds that will hopefully give extra shine to our third album. It´s certainly easy to loose focus and get lost in the world of noise when auditioning samples, but it´s pure joy. Check out these creatures…

We´re tempted every day to start mixing on our material, but we have to be patient little boys. We´ve always felt that mixing is much more than getting instruments to sound good and we like to think of mixing as one big final instrument that can radically shape, bend and twist the songs/sounds. In the coming weeks we´ll finally see the arrival of The Marble King and we can´t wait to get some royal guitar-voodoo on our tracks. Mr. Marbles can´t arrive soon enough!

Diary 4

of recording our 3rd album

Ms. Fall is manifesting herself and our creative juices is boiling. Fall always gets our abstract kingdom bubbling with wonderful stuff…

The Marble King
“The king playing his thing”

It´s all about the electric guitar these days. The Marble King is in the building with his axe and he’s laying down some sweet things on that tape. It´s a joy working together with Mr. Marbles and Gypus is ecstatic to have his mighty fingers contributing to the world of Alpine those myriads! We believe and hope that this third album will be very different from what we´ve previously done and we further think that it has a lot to do with The Marble King being featured in a big way - Thundering glam salutes and cryptic blues! More photos of the man here…

We´ve recorded guitars on six songs, but we´ve got another two to go before Gypus enters the drum booth. We´re not to keen on telling you about the titles of the songs yet, but there´s one that we can reveal that we´ve been playing live lately - It´s called “Hell is in this well”. It’s a song about mental disintegration and a concluding insight. Not a light subject, but it´s penned by Mr. Chelofan and he often rolls around in the mud of the mind…

There´s this 10 minute song, mentioned in an earlier post, that we´re having problems with and we´re afraid that Gypus looses faith in getting it recorded the way he wants. It´s not a typical structured song - it´s more like a long snaky road that has to be constructed right or else it´ll just loose its way and not make sense. It´ll be the most personal song on the album and we pray that Gypus will get it right.

So that concludes it for now. Hopefully next time we´ll be chiming in from the drum booth. Stay hungry and be courageous!

Diary 5

of recording our 3rd album

Drums, drums, drums! Day number 5 was all about nailing those drums. Technically we recorded for two days, but we´re calling it day five whether you like or not. We managed to record all five songs, there´s that number again, that have acoustic drums during this session - can you spell e-f-f-i-c-i-e-n-t!

Gypus was highly nervous about recording the drums again. He hasn´t twirled the sticks for years and he wasn´t sure if he was up for the task. Luckily it didn´t take to long before Mr. Chelofan befriended the schlagzeug again - a pot of coffee and a couple of explicit words was all that it took to bring forth that sweet and holy rhythm. Bliss!

“Chelofan´s view”

We had the pleasure of recording the drums at an excellent studio and with a very good friend. Our friend Terje, a fellow drummer, helped and inspired Gypus quite a lot during the recording. Thanks kind sir! He´s also a marvelous composer/producer and we recommend that you listen to his latest solo record “Still you. You still here”. We also recommend Terje´s studio for all recording needs. He´s is great to work with, the equipment is top notch and the coffee is strong! More images from day 5 can be found here…

Our third album is rapidly approaching the mixing stage and we´re looking forwards to it like mad babies in a honey pot. We´re a little stressed out about the fact that we need new monitors to get this record finished. Our old monitors are dying and the good ol´ wallet is thinner than ever. Hopefully everything works out and perhaps a boatload of people buys our last album…who knows?

Day 6 will be dedicated to recording the bass and The Marble King will be responsible for the fingering. We can´t wait to set loose our beast of an album!

Diary 6

of recording our 3rd album

On day six bass was created. Pun intended! This diary will be a short one.

Here’s how day six happened. The Marble King came to Chelofan’s apartment. He fingered the bass and he picked the bass. He played great and then he left. As quick, cool and effective like that it was!

Next on the recording schedule is vocals and after that it´s mixing time. Boom! We´ll start recording voice after the new year and we´ll hopefully include a video of Gypus singing in our next diary.

Stay golden and be sure to spread the ATM love!

Diary 7

of recording our 3rd album

A lot of hefty vibrato, a couple of harrowing screams and some delightful ooh´s & aah´s has been put into that microphone. Gypus has been singing and we´ve listened with joy as he´s crooned his way through the upcoming album.

Gypus Chelofan
“Gathering magic”

His heart exploded into that microphone like a dazzling volcano and all the corners of said heart are now securely printed on tape. He´s satisfied with the results and we´re very pleased with the range of vocal approaches that the record will contain. We´ve noticed that there´ll be a lot of pain throughout this record, it´ll travel other emotions also mind you, but judging from the vocals there´ll be a big combo-platter of subterranean pain. We hope it´ll translate well to the listener and we also hope that people can handle our heavy handed ways - we most certainly know our dear fans will soak it in ´cause their complex and beautiful beings you see.

We did the recording in a small and tight washing room. Not a very glamorous and atmospheric place to sing perhaps, but in our experience one “shuts”of the eyes and “forgets” the surroundings when loosing oneself in that music. We somehow feel that our minds are pre filled with imagery and enough inspiration when we´re ready for the tape. Maybe we´re fooling ourselves though. Smell on the other hand may be more of a problem, but since we recorded in a washing room the scent was fine and peachy.

We had plans to shoot a video of Gypus singing, but we don´t have the equipment for it right now. Sorry about that! Hopefully we can afford it someday. We do however have nice pictures from the sessions though.

So this marks the end of recording our third album, but it´s not the end of our diaries. We´ll keep on writing through the mixing process and we´ll make something cool with all these diaries when the album is finished.

Next up is “Day one of mixing our third album”.


Diary 1

of mixing our 3rd album

Just a tad louder? Is it to wide? Should it hide in the back for a while and then come charging like a raging bull with a concluding boom? Maybe I can chop it up, make it shiver and then let it scream? We´re knee deep in shaping the sound of our next album and here´s a field report from our mixing sessions.

It´s a true joy to be at the stage where we can tune our songs into their full glory. We´re solely in charge of mixing this time ´round, it´s a hefty challenge and kind of nerve-wrecking, but it´s pure fun. As mentioned earlier in a diary we see the mixing phase as the last chain in the songwriting process. We really try to have zero respect of the recorded song at hand to see if we can bend it into even greater heights. We´re aiming for something quite unique with this record and we hope to achieve a sound that´s rich, colorful and different. We may end up with a big wash of schmaltz - let´s hope we can walk that tightrope…knock on wood! We´re of course also tuning those itsy bitsy frequencies and once in a while we feel like completely loony bins when listening to a tiny section over and over again to see if we can find that offending frequency - strange moments in time that is often followed by a reality check and a big laugh.

We have four songs left to mix before taking a wee break and then we´ll come back to perfect that sucker. Soon after that it travels to a mastering engineer who´ll exercise his voodoo.

Diary 2

of mixing our 3rd album

Oh, sweet mother of mothers…we’re alive and we’re done mixing! We probably could’ve written a couple more mixing diaries, because we haven’t written a diary since April, but our excuse is simply time. We’ll try to combine our thoughts in this last diary about making our third album.

We feel that we´ve learnt so much by taking care of this mix ourselves. It´s been mighty challenging, but great fun! It probably would´ve went faster if we delivered the record to a seasoned pro, but we needed and wanted to take on the big task of mixing a whole record. We´ve tried to be really creative with the sound and we´ve deliberately searched for different ways of doing things throughout the record. We wanted the overall sound to reflect our, perhaps, untraditional way of writing songs and we also wanted to paint our new songs with something different than what we’ve done before. The album’s sound is quite cinematic and it’s wider and deeper than our previous records. We’re very satisfied with the result and we can’t wait to show it to you this Fall!

We sent the album to a Chicagoan mastering engineer called Carl Saff last week and we’re excited to hear the magic dust he’ll sprinkle. The record’s cover-art is also in the works and the very talented illustrator Kristina Aakre is responsible for illustrating 12 inches of beauty. 12 inches you say? Yes, that’s right! This album will be pressed on vinyl and we’re mighty ecstatic about that! Hope you are too. It´ll be quite nerve-wrecking to drop the stylus on that vinyl and we hope the production turns out good. Finger crossed!

We feel that we’ve grown as a band by recording and mixing the whole shebang ourselves and we know that this experience will help us in the years to come.

PS. We´ve just received the master of our mix and Mr. Saff has done a beautiful job! Just a few minor tweaks and this baby is in the can. Hooray!

Finished album

Psyche album cover
“This is how it looks”
“One of the songs”

So, there you have it! Our creative voyage distilled down to our third album which we call “Psyche”. It contains ten songs and a bonus song, the artwork is done by Kristina Aakre and it´s mastered by Carl Saff. We´re so delighted by how the record turned out and we hope we´ve peeked your interest with this diary. It´s available on vinyl and in digital formats in our shop.